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7 gifts to get yourself this Christmas

In a gift-giving survey I recently read, it was reported that men like to treat themselves to a little luxury during the holidays more than women. Yet interestingly, women are still the ones who buy more gifts during the holidays, which only goes to show just how much of a habit it has become for us to place everyone above ourselves in life.

I am as much an advocate of making time for the important people in your life but just as much as encouraging you to be appreciative of yourself. So go on, set a little budget to splurge on yourself today with this list of gifts to pamper yourself with.

Reminder rings by JL Heart

1. A reminder ring from JL Heart

Most of us would say that we wear jewellery for ourselves. But I find that a ring is the most visible reminder of that. Earrings complete our outfit, but we hardly get to see ourselves with our earrings right? A ring is different in that it's visible to us ALL the time. So if you need a reminder to take better care of yourself, you need a ring. Check out JL Heart rings here.

2. Hinoki Onsen Bath, Ikeda Spa, $80++

If the last time you've enjoyed a beauty service was when your girlfriends bought you a spa treatment before your wedding or your husband got you a session for your anniversary (notice the pattern?), you are definitely due for a session!

3. Ultimate Blowout, Blow + Bar, $60++

Whether it is for a special Christmas date or just because you want to feel extra good for a family dinner, this pampering hair session will make you feel great!

4. Erabrow Design, Erabelle $50++

I actually feel like I'm gone from frump to trump whenever I get my brows shaped at Erabelle - the right brows truly frame the face. If you want to go all out, there's their signature embroidery for semi-permanent perfect brows. 


5. Bokksu Box,$39

Get a taste of Japan - literally - with this curated box of treats! I love receiving surprises and snacks are my Achilles heel. If you are the same, you'll enjoy this just as much.

6. Boxgreen, $28

If you are more of a health nut (pun unintended), this is an alternative snack box that gives you your choices of wholesome snacks to be sent to you. It comes complete of calories count for the health-conscious too.

7. A trip to somewhere, Anywhr, pricing dependent on schedule

I mentioned I liked surprises, didn't I? You didn't read wrongly, this site allows you to customize a type of trip according to some preferences except for the destination. It will be revealed to you at the airport. This is especially helpful if you are getting some fatigue from intensive trip planning!


I certainly hope this post gives you some ideas on what you can get for yourself this Christmas. Remember, you have to take care of yourself before you're any good to your loved ones. We can only pour from a full jug, yea sister?