What is your North Star?

What is your North Star?

This question came to me when I was playing around with the setting of these Aquamarine gems. These baby blue sparklers are captivating anyhow, but when I turned the gem 45 degrees, the star staring back at me made me catch my breath.
Aquamarine North Star Ring in 14K Rose Gold
I decided then to set them in a way that shows off their cutting perfectly. Besides, there was something about this setting that reminded me of A star. The North Star.

What is the North Star and its significance?
The North Star, or Polaris, is the only star in the sky that virtually stays in the same place while the rest of the sky moves around it.
In life, the North Star could be your goal, target, faith or something or someone you know to be true. Something or someone that won’t change even if the world goes topsy turvy on you.

What's my North Star?
My North Star, is my belief that things happen for me, and not to me. This applies to my goals in my jewellery business, as well as my goals for a great family life. Now in my mid-forties, I appreciate that setbacks are only there to contrast our progress. Just like we won't know what light is without darkness; how sweet success tastes like if we haven't failed; and how heartwarming it is for my children to help me with housework if they hadn't been self-absorbed before.
So long as I put one foot in front of the other, I'll move closer to my goals and dreams.

My hopes for you
I love the meaning this North Star setting infuses into the ring. A perfect reminder of your North Star whenever you look down at your fingers. I'm into physical reminders and jewellery always trigger certain thoughts or emotions and motivations so I'd love for this ring to be a reminder to you of what your North Star is. Because your North Star is going to steer you through life, pull you out of the abyss when you think you can't anymore and then bring you to where your heart wants to go.

And if you can, I would so appreciate it if you could share with me what your North Star is, if only so I don;t feel like I'm the only one baring my heart here. :)