Gifting ideas for the 5 girlfriends in your life

Gifting ideas for the 5 girlfriends in your life

I may not have had been born with sisters in my life but I have been very blessed to meet some of the best people whom I am proud to call my girlfriends, or sisters that I've chosen in my life. 

I share gifting recommendations at different price points for the types of girlfriends you have in your life - be it the sisters you have or the ones you choose!

For the fitness enthusiast in your life

  • She is up by 5am to get to a morning yoga class before work and she might be one who preps her meals every week - meat, veg, carbs with a side of superfoods and antioxidants.

    Something under $50: After her morning workout sessions, the easiest way to jazz up her work outfit will be a pair of classic pearl studs or signature dainty necklace customised with her initials.


    Something $51 - $100: You can ensure she gets her breakfast-on-the-go with a mini blender-in-a-bottle (yes you’ve read it right!) so she can get her smoothie fix before or after class!


    Something above $100: She will love it when you get her more access to more classes with ClassPass - the best part is that you get access to studios overseas so she can get her fitness junkie fix even when she is traveling!

    For the go-to foodie in your life

    She is always ready with a list of new spots that she wants to try. Ask her for a recommendation and she will come back with ten.

    Something under $50: Get her a subscription to Deliveroo so she gets to have complimentary delivery on all her orders. Good friends do not let deadlines nor $3 delivery charges stand in her way to good food any time of the day.

    Something $51-$100: Feed her passion for food by getting her The Entertainer Singapore 2019 edition. Here’s to more excuses to catch up over 1-for-1 mains! Burpple has launched its own dining deal subscription at a slightly more affordable price with some spiffin’ good deals.

    For the fashion maestro in your life

    She was the one who taught you to dress only to impress yourself. She always looks put together anytime of the day - humid, wet weather and all.

    Something $51-$100: How about getting her an unlimited wardrobe for a month? Style Theory provides a subscription service to a cloud of fashion choices. The best part? Free dry cleaning!

    Something above $100: With jade making a revival in the fashion scene, a jade necklace stylised with gems will bring her from work dresses to casual weekend tees.

    For the beauty guru in your life

    She knows the difference between 50 shades of grey - literally. No one gets scandalised like she does when you tell her that you forgot to wear sunscreen out (the horror!).

    Just about any budget: I hope you have been taking notes on her favourite beauty items because I am going to share some online beauty shopping resources - CultBeauty, Soko Glam, Amore Pacific and of course, Sephora. Look out especially for discount codes on first orders or any other discount so you can save more in order to buy more for her!

    Something $51 - $100: As one of the beauty gurus I have been blessed with in my life, Leanne from LoveforSkincare gives her vote to a pair of elegant swinging earrings that will perfectly accent her face of the day.

    For the supermom in your life

    We all do not know how she does it but we all have a friend who makes adulting look like a walk in the park.

    Something under $50: For this trooper of a girlfriend, a timeless and elegant gem bar necklace that reminds her how much of a gem she is will make a lovely gift and reminder to her.

    Something $51 - $100: This buttery soft journal from Bynd Artisans will make planning her schedule a happy everyday affair.

    Something above $100: Book time with her through some unique Airbnb Experiences like an Indian Cooking Class or trying your hands at making pottery from scratch. After all, what’s picking up another skill to a supermom like her, right?

    I hope you enjoyed reading some of my holiday gift suggestions as much as I had fun putting together the list. Now on to deciding which of these gifts I should be getting for my own girlfriends!