Strive for Sustainability with JL Heart

Jewellery is a precious possession that deserves to be packaged in exquisite boxes. At JL Heart, we understand the importance of providing both protection during logistics and an exceptional unboxing experience for you. However, we have also heard the voices of considerate customers like yourself, who are conscious of the environmental impact of packaging waste. Your feedback has spurred us to explore solutions for reducing and minimizing our packaging.

We are excited to launch this program and invite you to be a part of our strive for sustainability efforts.

With your participation, we can achieve these:

Use current packaging box inventory mindfully

By joining our initiative, you help us re-purpose and extend the lifespan of our packaging boxes, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Explore better alternatives

Meeting the minimum order quantity of packaging materials is a challenge for small businesses like ours. If we have your support, we can explore better packaging that align with all our values.

How to be more sustainable in your orders with JL Heart?

❶ Reduce

Choose minimal packaging during checkout to minimize waste.

❷ Reuse & Recycle

Upon receiving each order, you can reuse the box on your own or participate in our Recycle program.

❸ Revamp

Be part of our sustainability journey through exploring alternative packaging options with us.

❶ Reduce: What to expect with different packaging options?

  • Minimum Packaging

  • Gift Wrapping

When you choose minimal packaging at checkout, your jewellery items will be carefully packed either in a soft pouch with bubble wrap (to be replaced with more sustainable option eventually); or in a flawed/recycled* box.

We put ourselves in your shoes and use our judgement and common sense to determine the most appropriate method of packing, ensuring that your jewellery items arrive in excellent condition.

*Note: Please be aware that imperfect boxes may have visible stains and tears on the surface. If the box's appearance is a concern for you, we recommend that you do not opt for minimal packaging. Of course, if you're getting a gift for a loved one, please opt for the "Gift Wrap" option where we will use pristine packaging to ensure an exquisite gifting experience.

Don't hesitate to choose the "Gift Wrap" option if you are purchasing for loved ones. When you choose the gift wrapping option, your jewellery item(s) are packed in a gift box with ribbon, a soft pouch, polished cloth, and a message card with jewellery care guide.

If you have a special message you would like us to write for you, simply leave your message in the cart when adding the item. We understand the importance of personalization, and we will make sure that your message is thoughtfully penned and included with your gift.

❷ Reuse & Recycle: Box Recycle Program

Recycle Program

(for SG customers only)*

Through our Recycle program, we provide an easy and convenient way for you to return your JLH boxes to us. We re-use the boxes for other orders where customers choose the "Minimal Packaging" option. By participating, you actively contribute to the reduction of waste and the conservation of earth's resources.

*Note: This program is currently only available for our customers residing in Singapore. Due to resource constraints, we are unable to extend the program to overseas customers at this time. However, we truly appreciate your environmentally conscious efforts, and we encourage you to participate by opting for minimal packaging and reusing boxes on your own.
Request a Box-Return Mailer

❸ Revamp: being part of our sustainable journey

We are actively exploring alternative packaging options and transitioning to more eco-friendly solutions. We value your input, so please feel free to email us with any suggestions for future packaging improvements.

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