What can I customize for your handmade jewellery designs?

What can I customize for your handmade jewellery designs?

We all have our preferences when it comes to the colour of metal or gem we like, so I’ve put together how I can help you customize my existing designs for a pair of earrings or necklace that you’ll love.

 1. Changing the metal

Changing up the metal for a necklace or earrings is usually easily done unless I don’t have the specific findings in the metal that you want; or of the gems are unique and I’ve already done up the piece.

Simply send me an email to check if I am able to change the metal for you and I’ll let you know.

Green Jade Earrings

2. Changing the Ear Stud or Connector

I’m usually able to switch up the ear studs or connectors to another design unless the gem is a unique one and is already wired into the ear studs or if I think a design may not work well together due to the proportion of the size of the gems to the findings.

3. Changing the main gem

I can usually change the gems in a design to any gem that you like. For example, I get requests to swap Green Jade beads with Lavender Jade beads, or vice versa.

Green and Lavender Jade Earrings

For Jade donuts, there will be slight differences in the donuts as each comes uniquely cut. There may be price differences due to the different gem costs.

4. Changing the accent gems

For accent gems used in a vine or cluster, I can customize them to use you and your loved ones’ birthstones or just your favourite colour. With combining gemstones of different sizes and cutting, there’s a need to make sure that the overall look is still harmonious so I may suggest alternatives or add in a sprinkle of other colours to make the design pop.

Lavender Jade Donut with Gem Vine

If you’d like to create your very own mix of gem vine or cluster, send me an email and we’ll take it from there.

Lavender Jade Earrings

5. Changing the length

Whether it’s the length of the necklace or dangling earrings, I can adjust it to the length that you want, usually. Please note there may be additional costs for adding length to the necklace due to more material usage.

6. Full custom design

I always feel terrible when I have to say this but I don’t do full custom designs. I really do appreciate the trust you have when you ask me to create a piece of jewellery for you.

I often take a long time to mull over designs before actually making them. How the gems would sit, how they would move when worn and how they hold up over time are some of my key considerations. When I finally make them, they also go through many refinements before I actually finalize the design. It’s really too long and costly a process for full customization. 

To put it simply, custom designs are not my strength. I would only want to give my best and deliver the best value to you and thank you for your understanding as to why I don’t take on full custom work.

Having said that though, I do listen to your suggestions. Many of my designs have become better thanks to your suggestions. Please do keep those coming, I really appreciate them!


I hope this helps you understand more of how I can make your jewellery more “you”!