JL Heart stands for jewellery with heart.
JL is the acronym of my name, Juat Li.

What started out as an ode to Instagram (where I “heart” posts that I like) has morphed into making jewellery with heart.

Where I used to be a one-woman show, we are now a small team of dreamers and doers who thrive on delighting you with pretty jewellery!

Being there for someone

Interacting with you over jewellery is a very personal experience even though we are an online store. You’re buying something we made lovingly.

We have customers who share their intimate reasons for getting a particular piece of jewellery. It may have been a happy occasion, or a bittersweet one. Regardless of that, we’re grateful to be there for you through jewellery.

Meaningful Jewellery

In this day and age where machines and artificial intelligence do things faster and better, handmade becomes even more special.

The fact that our eyes and hands picked out every gemstone that goes into your ring, earrings, bracelet or necklace make it even more precious and meaningful.

Affordable Luxury

Wearing something handmade is a luxury, don’t you agree? We source for the best materials all over the world and craft them carefully into jewellery to bring that sparkle to your eyes and that smile to your face. By selling online exclusively, we cut out all middlemen and keep
prices affordable.

Feminine and Stylish

Real women dare to be feminine. And who’s to say you aren’t stylish at the same time? With a strong focus on quality materials and gorgeous gemstones, we aim to make jewellery that gives that extra sparkle to you every day and night, in any outfit, for any occasion, in any season.

Handmade with Heart

All jewellery is lovingly handmade in our studio in Singapore, or by our craftsman in Singapore and Thailand.

Every item is infused with our best wishes for Joy, Luck and Health and passed from our hands to yours through the jewellery. Positive energy transfer, believe it.

You make a difference in our lives.

We cherish every interaction with you, and thank you for giving us the chance to make jewellery to do life with you.

If you have any questions, drop us as note here! 😊

drop a note


"I have bought many things online and from several makers/jewelry designers. One thing that JL Heart really stands out in is A+++ customer service/ being customer centric, and quality goods for the price paid.  

Juat Li is responsive and helpful, and you can see her genuine passion for jewelry and her business. There are several times that she went the extra mile for me and I really appreciate it! 

Most importantly, JL heart's products are well photographed and as true to the real colours as possible.. Most of the time, they are even more beautiful in real life than in the photos :) "

Rachel T.

"Each piece I've ordered from JL Heart has been even more beautiful in person! I'm always excited to see the new designs."


"The pieces of jewellery were exquisite, so delicate and gorgeous.

Joyce's service, both before and after sales, was impeccable. I was extremely skeptical about buying jewellery online, but my experience with Joyce has been nothing but wonderful. Can't wait for her new launches."


"I have bought 4 pieces of earring over the last 12 months; 2 of which were gifted to the loveliest people I know and I know they love the earring as much as I love mine."

Esther C.

"I’ve bought many beautiful rings from Juat Li . They are very well made and brings me a lot of joy when I wear them.  I highly recommend buying jewelry from her!"


"Thanks for all the beautiful pieces that you have created! I love the sparkly pieces that I have and the pretty packaging and card makes the pieces great gifts too! Looking forward to new pieces ;)"


"Beautiful handcrafted jewellery which gives a modern twist to tradition :) Thanks Juat Li for making such lovely pieces and please continue to do so!"