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    JL Heart stands for jewellery with heart.

    JL is the acronym of my name, Juat Li.

    What started out as an ode to Instagram (where I “heart” posts that I like) has morphed into making jewellery with heart.


    About JL Heart 

    It’s not just jewellery

    To me, jewellery is not just for making you look lovely. It’s a way for you to express yourself.

    And JL Heart is about making jewellery with integrity and the intention of experiencing life’s ups and downs with you.


    Giving Back

    Having a jewellery business allows me to give back to society. I only managed to get a university education with the help of kind souls who set up the Ngee Ann Kongsi scholarship many years ago and am committed to helping young people get the education they deserve by contributing 10% of our profits to education bursaries.



    JL Heart started with me wanting to work with my hands. Making stuff with my hands ground me in a way that nothing else can. When I’m making jewellery, I’m transported to a zen place where I’m calm. I hope that my jewellery can help bring that harmony to your life too.


    Being there for someone

    Interacting with you over jewellery is a very personal experience even though we are an online store. You’re buying something I made lovingly. I have customers who share their intimate reasons for getting a particular piece of jewellery. It may have been a happy occasion, or a bittersweet one. Regardless of that, I’m grateful I am able to be there for you with my handmade jewellery.


    Meaningful Jewellery

    In this day and age where machines and artificial intelligence do things faster and better, handmade becomes even more special. The fact that my eyes and hands picked out every gemstone that goes into your ring, earrings or necklace make it precious and meaningful.


    Affordable Luxury

    Wearing something handmade is a luxury, don’t you agree? I source for the best materials all over the world and craft them carefully into jewellery to bring that smile to your face. By selling online exclusively, I cut out all middlemen and keeps prices affordable.


    Feminine and Stylish

    Real women dare to be feminine. And who’s to say you aren’t stylish at the same time? With a strong focus on quality materials and gorgeous gemstones, I aim to make jewellery that gives that extra sparkle to you every day and night, in any outfit, for any occasion, in any season.


    Handmade with Heart

    All jewellery is lovingly handmade in my home studio in Singapore, or by my trusted craftsman colleague, Por, in Bangkok. Every item is infused with my best wishes for Joy, Luck and Health and passed from my hands to yours through the jewellery. Positive energy transfer, believe it.


    You make a difference in my life.

    Thanks to you, my customer, I get to have a small business working from home and taking care of my two children and parents. Ok, my parents will insist that they are the ones who are taking care of me and my family. But let’s not argue with the old folks on this. 😉


    Because of you, I get to make jewellery that accompany you in life’s journey. I’m so grateful to you for helping me marry passion and harmony in my life. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!