Sapphire ~ Birthstone for September (but you secretly wish was for your birth month)

Sapphire ~ Birthstone for September (but you secretly wish was for your birth month)


It is the birthstone for September. Ah, don't you just wish it was your birthstone as well? Well, let me share this bit of liberating nugget with you. You CAN wear any gem just because you want to!

While birthstones are a good way to start with deciding what coloured gemstone to get for yourself or as a gift, it should not be the be all and end all. There are too many beautiful gems in the world, so don't limit yourself to your birthstone, sister!

Sapphire jewellery are great gift ideas for a woman who understand and appreciates quality and beauty that transcends time.

 Mineral Composition of Sapphire

Sapphire comes from the Corundum family of gems. Corundum is an aluminium oxide found worldwide. The red version of this gem is called Ruby and every other colour is called Sapphire. So Sapphires actually come in many colours like pink, yellow, colourless and orange. However, the colour of Sapphire that we are most familiar with, is the cornflower blue.

Sapphire Vine Necklace

History of the Gem

This beautiful gemstone has been linked to royalty and clergymen from centuries ago. Traditionally, Sapphire signifies truth, nobility, sincerity and faithfulness. Today, it has also taken on the meanings of wisdom and hope. Its status in modern history is even more entrenched when Prince William gave his mother’s (Princess Diana) vivid blue Sapphire engagement ring to the Duchess of Cambridge for their wedding.

Who loves their Sapphires?

Other than the European aristocrats, Hollywood royalty also loved their Sapphires. Actress Penelope Cruz and supermodel/actress Elizabeth Hurley also had Sapphire engagement rings. Movie star Joan Crawford was obsessed with Sapphires and owned several huge sapphires of 70 carats or larger. Elizabeth Taylor was given a large sapphire ring by one of her husbands. Napolean famously created many good luck charms or talismans featuring Sapphires. He also gave a seven-piece jewelry set featuring 29 sapphires to his wife Josephine. 

As a symbol of Fidelity and Faithfulness, Sapphire certainly has some famous fans throughout history.

Sapphire Pendant

Sapphire Jewellery

There are so many ways to wear Sapphire. Because it is so hard and durable, it can be made into rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. In fact, it is only second to diamonds in terms of hardness on the MOHS Scale and can withstand daily wear and tear very well.

What Sapphire means to me

 In today's context, I don;t think a woman needs to wait for any man to present her with Sapphires. Getting a piece of jewellery you like should be an act of self care and self love. if it's a symbol of faithfulness, then I say you can be faithful to yourself, your dreams and your beliefs.

Thinking of getting a piece of this blue gem goodness for yourself or a loved one? Head on to my Sapphire collection here: