Pastel Dreams  ~ Starting the Design Process

Pastel Dreams ~ Starting the Design Process

I’ve been hoarding these candies in the safe for some time now. They don’t melt or give me any problems with ants. But the time has come to unwrap these candies and let them bring joy to your life as well.

Pastel Dreams Gemstones

Types of Gems

Amongst this lot, there are some Tourmalines, one Paraiba, one Tanzanite and some Spinels.

I’m having so much fun creating new designs. I think I’ll be making them into rings but as I was sharing with a customer, the problem is that I want to set everything in rose gold.

 Two Gems I'm Going to KIV for now

As I was going through my inventory and cataloguing the gems, I found these two Kunzites that I’d totally forgotten about. I was attracted to the pale pastel pink and mint when I first set eyes on them years ago.

Pale Pink Kunzite

I had the vague impression that I wanted to make rings out of them when I first got them.

Pale Green Kunzite

Now, looking at them with a fresh design perspective and pragmatism, I think I’ll likely never make them into rings.

Deep Kunzite Gem

Why? Huge ass is why. The gems are sooooo deep. At around 10mm in depth, If I were to set them into rings, at least one will look like a torchlight, and both will classify as weapons.

When I posted this on my Instagram Stories, one of my customers suggested that I should set them as brooches instead. It’s a lovely idea and I’ll definitely get to that someday.

I hope to bring you my Pastel Dreams (tentative name, until inspiration strikes) Collection by the end of the year. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know when the new collection is released!