Gemstone properties guide

The world of gems and crystals have always been steeped in a bit of mystery. And gemstones are said to be able to impart certain energies and powers to its wearer.

The Impossible Stretch

Though I don’t think wearing a particular gemstone can give me enough luck to help me strike lottery; stretch further in yoga; or make me grow more hair (in all the right places, mind you), I do think that gemstones, as with all matter, vibrate at a certain frequency. Hence, they harmonize with our body and mind to enhance our well-being.

So, in what areas of our lives do we really want our gemstones to help in?

I’ve roughly listed 5 categories that we all could do with a little mojo in: ENERGY, HEALTH, LUCK, LOVE AND WEALTH. Who’d mind more of these?!

So are you ready to find out which gems are best for each category? Here’s the big reveal!

There are of course way more gems in this world that what I’ve listed here. But these are just some of those that I work with at the moment. As I add more gemstones to my repertoire, I’ll keep updating this post so you know what those gems are good for. Other than making you look and feel like a million bucks, of course.

let me know if any gemstone holds particular meaning to you, and how they make you feel. I love to hear from you!