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Physical characteristics

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  • ✧ Hardness


  • ✧ Composition

    Aluminum Fluorohydroxysilicate

  • ✧ Mineral Family


  • ✧ Luster


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About Topaz

Topaz is a popular birthstone for November, December or April babies. Most known for its various shade of blue, blue Topaz is well-liked, dazzling and approachable by jewellery lovers.

Topaz occurs in various colours: brown, green, orange, pink, yellow, blue or colourless. Sherry topaz (a deep golden yellow topaz) and pink Topaz are the most prized. On the other hand, blue and green Topaz is popular for its alluring colours.

Topaz represents honesty, abundance and forgiveness. It is known for attracting and building good fortune, health and love for the wearer. In addition, Topaz is thought to thwart magic spells and dispel anger in some cultures.

Colour range of Topaz

London Blue - Swiss Blue - Sky Blue - Yellow - Orange - Red

Topaz Care Tips

  • Wearing


    ✦ Can be worn daily.

    ✦ Avoid water, extreme humidity, and heat as this may cause your jewellery to discolour.

    ✦ Avoid contact with home detergents or chemical products such as perfumes, makeup, lotions, and nail polish removers.

  • Storage


    ✦ Store in individual soft pouch or fixed slot in jewellery box so gemstones don’t get scratched.

    ✦ Keep chains and bracelets fastened so they don’t get tangled.

    ✦ Away from direct sunlight, in a dark, cool and dry place.

  • Cleaning


    ✦ Clean with soft dry jewellery cloth.

    ✦ Wash with lukewarm water with a gentle soap.

    ✦ Use Bling Brush Jewellery Cleaner

Topaz Extra Care

✦ Avoid any rough handling or knocks.

✦ Avoid leaving for long periods in strong light as it may cause the gemstone colour to lighten.


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