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Physical characteristics

  • ✧ Species


  • ✧ Hardness


  • ✧ Composition

    Magnesium iron silicate

  • ✧ Mineral Family


  • ✧ Luster

    Vitreous to greasy

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About Peridot

Peridot is an olive or bottle green gem variety of forsterite in the olivine group. The ancient Egyptians mined the earliest record of Peridot
on the Red Sea Island in the 3rd century. Its luminous green with a touch of brilliant yellow makes Peridot desirable and appealing in ancient Egypt and medieval culture; thus sometimes is called the "Gem of the Sun" and "Evening Emerald".


The glamorous green Peridot is associated with growth, fertility, energy and vitality. It is a symbol of eternal spring and rebirth. Peridot is also said to repel the negative feelings and reboot the positive vibes in your heart.

Peridot is a miracle gem found on the land, beach, and space.

While gem-quality peridots come from sources in Asia, the Middle East and America, Peridot appears in a few exotic locales. For example, peridot particles discovered in Hawaii, Guam, and Norway resulted in luminous green sand beaches. More fascinatingly, some rare peridot journeyed to Earth in meteorites called pallasites Peridot. Talk about an inter-galactical stone.

Colour range of Peridot

Yellow - Grass green - Olive green

Peridot Care Tips

  • Wearing


    ✦ Can be worn daily.

    ✦ Avoid water, extreme humidity, and heat as this may cause your jewellery to discolour.

    ✦ Avoid contact with home detergents or chemical products such as perfumes, makeup, lotions, and nail polish removers.

  • Storage


    ✦ Store in individual soft pouch or fized slot in jewellery box so gemstones don’t get scratched.

    ✦ Keep chains and bracelets fastened so they don’t get tangled.

    ✦ Away from direct sunlight, in a dark, cool and dry place.

  • Cleaning


    ✦ Clean with soft dry jewellery cloth.

    ✦ Wash with lukewarm water with a gentle soap.

    ✦ Use Bling Brush Jewellery Cleaner

Peridot Extra Care

✦ Avoid wearing whilst doing anything that could cause it to be knocked.

✦ Avoid contact with perfumes, hairspray, make-up and other acidic substances.


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