Necklace & Pendant Size Guide

Chain length

When we describe a necklace, the length refers to the chain length end to end when unhooked and laid straight. The length excludes the pendant and 2 inch extension clip. Most of our necklaces are made within the range of 14’ (for Choker) to 24’ (for Long).

You can always find the length of each necklace design in the product description section. Check out the photo reference below to visualise the effect as worn on a S/M model.


Charm, Bead and Pendant size

JL Heart’s timeless and elegant necklaces usually feature jade beads, pearls and precious gemstones. When we describe a charm, bead or pendant, it will be in diameter (mm) or length (mm). Here’s a photo reference to help you visualise the effect as worn. Our model is in S/M size.