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Physical characteristics

  • ✧ Species


  • ✧ Hardness


  • ✧ Composition

    Beryllium aluminum silicate

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About Morganite

Morganite comes from the Beryl family of gemstones that include Emeralds and Aquamarines. Morganite was referred to as "pink/rose beryl" previously. However, it did not own its official name till 1910, when Gemologist Kunz named it after his jewellery enthusiast client, J.P. Morgan. Morganite is a newcomer to the gemstone world but gained popularity for its pastel, rose or salmon pink lustre and brilliance. Its unique rosy colour resonates with serenity and delicacy.

Morganite is the gem of uplifting love and compassion. It cleanses the mind and heart of stress and anxiety and evokes a sense of peace, joy and inner strength. It is gaining popularity as an engagement ring due to its romantic hues. It is a lovely gemstone for self-love as well.

Colour range of Morganite

Pink - Salmon pink - Peachy pink - Pale pink

Morganite Care Tips

  • Wearing


    ✦ Can be worn daily.

    ✦ Avoid water, extreme humidity, and heat as this may cause your jewellery to discolour.

    ✦ Avoid contact with home detergents or chemical products such as perfumes, makeup, lotions, and nail polish removers.

  • Storage


    ✦ Store in individual soft pouch or fixed slot in jewellery box so gemstones don’t get scratched.

    ✦ Keep chains and bracelets fastened so they don’t get tangled up.

    ✦ Store away from direct sunlight, in a dark, cool and dry place.

  • Cleaning


    ✦ Clean with soft dry jewellery cloth.

    ✦ Wash with lukewarm water with a gentle soap.

    ✦ Use Bling Brush Jewellery Cleaner

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