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Physical characteristics

  • ✧ Species


  • ✧ Hardness

    6 - 6.5

  • ✧ Composition

    Potassium aluminum silicate

  • ✧ Mineral Family


  • ✧ Luster


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About Moonstone

Moonstone, the milky and pearly variety of orthoclase, shines with a blue or white sheen. The creamy translucent aura and soft glowing appearance are created by the reflection of light from the internal layer of two minerals: albite and orthoclase feldspar. The attractive colour looks like the moon's shine, after which it is named.

Moonstone is believed to possess natural feminine energy and is said to attract prosperity and love. It can also help girls regulate their menstruation and improve their fertility. We also really love the gem for its mysterious play of light.

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Moonstone & Rainbow Moonstone

The Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone are often considered the same mineral.

However, the two share different compositions: Moonstone is made from orthoclase and albite. Rainbow Moonstone grows from labradorite with some orthoclase inclusions.

In general, both moonstones exhibit the signature soft glowing sheen (adularescence) and are equally popular. In JL Heart, we are very fond of sourcing extra clear premium rainbow moonstones. They create extraordinary adularescence, and everyone is enchanted the moment they set eyes on them.

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Colour range of Moonstone

Blue sheen - Creamy - Translucent - Multi-colour

Moonstone Care Tips

  • Wearing


    ✦ Wear Daily with care.

    ✦ Avoid water, extreme humidity, and heat as this may cause your jewellery to discolour.

    ✦ Avoid contact with home detergents or chemical products such as perfumes, makeup, lotions, and nail polish removers.

  • Storage


    ✦ Store in individual soft pouch or fixed slot in jewellery box so gemstones don’t get scratched.

    ✦ Keep chains and bracelets fastened so they don’t get tangled.

    ✦ Away from direct sunlight, in a dark, cool and dry place.

  • Cleaning


    ✦ Clean with soft dry jewellery cloth.

    ✦ Wash with lukewarm water with a gentle soap.

    ✦ Use Bling Brush Jewellery Cleaner

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