Bracelet Size Guide

Here are some tips to get the perfect fit when shopping for your JL Heart bracelets.

Our elastic bracelets are made to approx. 15.5cm circumference; and can stretch to fit wrists between 14 to 16.5cm comfortably. To get the perfect fit for you, tell us your wrist circumference and we’ll make the bracelet to your size, at no extra charge.

Ps. The elastic does get a little looser with wear, so we recommend a snug fit, otherwise your bracelet would slip off easily.

Our non-elastic bracelets as made adjustable from 14 to 16.5cm. If your wrist size is within this range, you can just order the standard size. If your wrist is out of this range, let us know your wrist circumference and we’ll make it to fit you, at no extra charge.



Wearing style: there is no right or wrong way to wear a bracelet. It really is up to your personal style and comfort preferences.


Tips to measure your wrist circumference


But what about proportion?

The below photos demonstrate the proportion and looks when our bracelets are worn on different wrist sizes.